Levende Menneskerettigheder – Human Rights in Action

The purpose of the ressource center is to share knowledge on human rights and create an including and open debate about actual challenges in society. We want to discuss the relevance of human rights in Denmark and in Europe with regards to for example democracy, EU, and the refugee and migrant crisis. We have three main focus areas:

  • We collect and discuss the role of human rights in society as of today.
  • We develop teaching material for students and teachers in elementary school and gymnasium.
  • We have exhibitions creating awareness and visualizing actual challenges.

The organisation is based on a boat Liva II in the old medival harbour of Copenhagen in cooperation with the theatre Liva, placed under the deck. In the auditorium there is room for seminars, conferences and meetings for up to 80 people. We announce events on the boat on the website and on facebook.  In the office area, we have a small legal library open for the public.

Background of the organisation

In recent years, development with harder punishments, increasing power to the state, and an increasing control and surveillance of the citizens. Citizens are left without a say with regards to laws that are passed in the parliament in a hurry without an open debate and disregarding the views of civil organisations. Much legislation is passed with a reference to terror. The fear of terror is dominating the civil rights area. Fighting terror traditional civil rights are undermined and disregarded. We allow the fear of terror to dominate our lifes.
Traditional human rights values are disputed. I.e. formally we fight the use of torture but if needed a certain degree of torture is accepted. We are slowly forgetting why our ancestors fought and suffered for the core values of our societies. Forgetting these values is a slippery slope.

Please contact us if you want further information or want to use our boat for a meeting/exhibition. We welcome most initiatives.